Here are some suggestion of where it can help:

Personal everyday use:

  • Calling your loved ones or colleagues in seconds. No need to unlock your phone.
  • Keeping your partner informed: For example, the train has arrived at your station and you need to get off with bags in one hand and phone in the other. Single-handedly phone your partner to say that you’ve arrived.
  • On your own?:  You’d like to let your partner/family know where you are going. So being able to just shake your phone to talk;  is likely to be very handy!
  • In bad weather: Ever tried using your phone in the rain? With Hot Phone you don’t have to fight with a wet screen.
  • Anxious? No more: Have that security of knowing you have someone to hand who can help.
  • Find yourself in an unfamiliar place?: With the SMS enabled, on triggering, your geo-location will be sent by SMS text to your contact, they can follow your footsteps on a map application and help direct you or if required, find you!
  • Lending your phone: With all of the phone’s security in operation, you can lend your phone. The phone can be wakened by pressing the power button and shaken to connect to whoever. During and even after the call there is no access passed the phone’s security. So lending your phone is practical and possible.

Work related:

  • Rapid connection to your line manager or colleague: For example, working in potentially hazardous environments, contact your site supervisor or controller, safety representative or first-aider. Alert your operations manager or colleague responsible for ‘shutting the system down’ in the event of failure, ‘isolating the power’ or calling for advice and/or assistance.

The vulnerable:

  • Elderly or infirm?: For many people, such as the elderly or infirm, working a mobile phone is difficult. Dexterity can be compromised so Hot Phone simplifies the operation. Give them the confidence and ability to call for help when they need it. This could be a life saver.
  • Child friendly: Hot Phone enables youngsters who may not be able to operate a phone, to be able to call mum/dad.
  • Not feeling well or incapacitated: If you’re not feeling too good, just shake your phone. So much easier than going through the whole ritual of unlocking your phone, loading the phone app, finding the contact and making the call.

Like most things in life, our Hot Phone is undergoing continual improvement. Please let us know of any applications where you think Hot Phone would be of help? Please let us know of any features that you think would improve the widget?

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