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Hot Phone waits patiently for your command. Like a powerful tool, to stop inadvertent triggering, it has two safety catches:

1. On pressing the power button, to wake the phone, you have by default, half a minute in which to shake the phone. This is the window in which Hot Phone is ‘listening’ for a double shake. Then, after 15 seconds, the sensors will turn off to preserve battery. To wake Hot Phone you just press the main power button on your phone.  A soft beep is heard at the beginning and end of the ‘operation time window’. You can adjust the operation time window in the settings to suit your preference. This process ensures minimum battery usage.


2. Only if the phone is pointing near vertical upwards,  can Hot Phone trigger. If your phone is approaching horizontal or pointing down, the ‘safety catch’ is on and it can’t trigger.

Zone of Operation


  • After installation (see Installation guide) you need to select your contacts. This can be changed at any time. Press the ‘mobile phone icon’ button to bring up your contact list.
  • To call: hold the phone vertical and shake it as if your are knocking twice, rapidly, on someone’s front door. A successful shake is accompanied by a distinctive ‘laser’ sound. Immediately give the phone the required gesture to select your chosen contact from the contacts list. You have one second from the laser sound to perform the gesture. A successful gesture is marked by a ‘beep’ noise (or vibration which can configured in the settings menu). You will need to practice so that it is instinctive for when you want to use the tool for real. You may need to adjust the shake sensitivity in the settings.
  • Hot Phone will give the trigger sound even while the widget app. is dis-armed which means that you will be able to practice before use. To arm the widget, press the red on/off/arm/dis-arm button.
  • It uses very little battery as it only processes shake data when the phone is near vertical and in the operation time window.
  • If the phone is held or pointed anymore than 45 degrees from vertical it won’t trigger.
  • If you put your phone in your pocket or bag, vertically downward, it cannot trigger inadvertently.

In the settings (‘Gog’ settings button to access settings):

  • You can configure Hot Phone to work if you are left handed .
  • You can increase or decrease the Operation Time Window in which Hot Phone is listening for shakes.
  • You can edit/reset the first message given with your own words.
  • You can restart Hot Phone if for some reason it has become unstable.

Mobile Phone Calls Only Mode

  • By default, the GPS position texts feature is turned off. Hot Phone will allow you to make repeated calls to your contact(s) with the GPS geo-location facility disabled.

Mobile Phone calls with GPS Position Texts

  • Once your phone is triggered it will allow one call to your primary contact and  make, at five minute intervals, a stream of position SMS texts. Updating your contact with your position.
  • To reset after the call you’ll need to dis-arm and re-arm Hot Phone by pressing the red on/off/arm/disarm button
  • If the GPS sensor on your phone is disabled, it automatically turns it on.
  • Once a positive position fix is gained, it automatically SMS texts the position to your contact.
  • It will keep forwarding your current position until the widget is dis-armed. Re-arming resets the widget

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