Here are some questions which have been asked by users and Hot Phone’s response. (Including known current bugs or issues with the app.):


  • The apps. installed and I click on the icon and get a black screen? Although Hot Phone is an app. it is actually a widget (app) that is designed to live on the home screen(desktop). You need to open the personalisation menu, select the ‘widgets’ section/tab and find Hot Phone. Clicking on Hot Phone will add the widget to your home screen (placing it where there is space). The widget will run in the background. No need for any icon launching! The widget looks like the image on this website page ‘Hot Phone in Action’.
  • The widget isn’t responding to my key strokes? There may be an upgrade and you will need to find Hot Phone on the Play Store and click on the upgrade button. Or you can uninstall the widget and re-install from the Play Store again. Once you have bought Hot Phone you can un-install and re-install as many times as you like and anytime.
  • I’ve downloaded the app. and it is installed. How do I find it? The app. is a widget (which is a background app that runs on your home screen without interruption). You need to find a piece of free space on your home screen. Press on the screen until the personalize window opens. You’ll see the ‘widget’ menu appear. Select it and then select Hot Phone for it to be attached to your home screen. It is likely that the Hot Phone will be installed on page that isn’t your home default. So you will have to slide left or right to view the page where Hot Phone appears.


  • Can I call more than one person? Yes, you can call a select few. The contacts will need to be added to your Hot Phone contact list.
  • Can I make repeat calls? Yes, if the app. is set with the SMS text facility disabled then you can make repeat calls. If the SMS text facility is enabled, SMS texts will be sent to your contact until you dis-arm the app. with the red button. Yes you could call others but once the SMS text facility is triggered it will keep sending your location to your primary contact.
  • Will it drain my battery? No, because the higher energy activity of ‘listening’ for shakes is limited by the operation time window (OTW). If you want to really save power, close the OTW down to say 10 seconds(In settings menu). That means the accelerometers will only be active for that short duration.
  • I’d prefer not to have the sound at the beginning and end of the Operations Time Window. Can you turn it off? Yes, in the settings there is a check box below the OTW default time. De-checking it will disable the sound.
  • Can you turn off the other trigger noises? Yes, also found in the settings page. The triggering process will never be silent (unless your phone is on silent) because it is felt that you should always be aware of the triggering in the rare case that it is a false trigger.


  • Are you promoting this app to be the first line of action in an accident? Surely you should phone the emergency services first? No we are not promoting Hot Phone as the first action in an emergency. However, after calling the emergency services, Hot Phone can connect you to your contact immediately. If you are hurt, it can make that connection far easier. For example you could hand your phone to someone else and ask them to shake it and update your contact with news and trigger the SMS geo-location facility. Your contact would find it far easier to follow where the ambulance is taking you!

KNOWN ISSUES with widget and awaiting rectification:

  • ARMED|ON-LINE / DIS-ARMED|OFF-LINE button: Can lose synchronization with ON-LINE state. This means you may have to push the button up to three times to change state form ARMED to DIS-ARMED. No other impact. To be fixed in next release.


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