Please visit the Google Play site and search for ‘Hot Phone’ in the widgets section

Installation Guide

Click on ‘install’ and follow the prompts.




On opening the application you will see this screen or similar:


Clicking on the OK button returns you to your home screen

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hot Phone is a widget app. and so must be installed as a widget. It will be installed and running on the home screen and not started by clicking on the application icon.

Click on the background of the home screen to open the ‘personalise’ menu and select ‘Widgets’.

Find the ‘Hot Phone’ entry and select it. This will install the widget on the home screen and take you to it:



User Guide

NOTE: if you click on the ‘Hot Phone’ logo or background of the widget, it will open this webpage for help.¬†

You will see three buttons: ‘Cogs button’ for settings, ¬†‘mobile phone button’ for your chosen contacts and ‘red button’ to arm/dis-arm the widget. There are two small icons that show that the widget is configured to call your contact (you’ll be entering the number in the settings) and an icon indicating SMS text messages (also configurable in the settings):

Firstly, press the ‘mobile phone icon’ button to select your contact from the contacts list

Mobile press

Optionally, you can open the settings and give yourself a nickname that will be inserted into any SMS text sent:


Now your system is ready to run!

Please see the quick user guide for more information.

If you want to turn on /off the phone call facility or SMS text facility, you can do this in the settings screen.

If you want to adjust the sensitivity of the shake you can experiment with altering the number value in the settings screen:


Once you are satisfied you can arm the system by pressing the red button. It is now waiting patiently for that occasion when you’ll need it! You might want to test it with your contact so that you both know how it works:



Finally, when the widget is listening for shakes, for a visual clue, it displays a flashing star or asterisk:



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