Hot Phone in action

Three modes of operation:

  1. Phone calling only – Allows repeated calls to your selected contact
  2. Both Phone and SMS Geo-location texts – for the one-off call for assistance (reset by dis-arming)
  3. SMS Geo-location texts only – for when you can’t speak but want your contact to know where you are.


 Widget webimage NEW 1

  • CONTACTS – from your phone’s contact list. Select your contacts. You can change the list at any time.
  • ON/OFF – this arms and dis-arms the widget. It allows or disallows calls and or SMS being made. Also, by pressing the button, it re-activates the operation time window so you can practice more triggers or actually call your contact.
  • OUTGOING CALLS – This icon shows that phone call actions are active (hidden icon if turned off).
  • SMS TEXTS – This icon shows that geo-location SMS texts will be sent on triggering.
  • CURRENT STATUS – Shows if the widget is armed to make calls etc. or not.
  • YOUR SELECTED CONTACT – Shows the name of the currently selected contact.
  • SETTINGS – Accesses the settings to change features. Such as: Active Phone Calls and or SMS Texts, Left handed user, Operation Time Window, OTW sound markers and Shake Detection Sensitivity

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